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This page, will help you in the selection of the proper surfboard. Here, is where you will find many categories of surfboards, to assist you in making the best choice, depending upon the wave you will be riding. When you have chosen a category that feels right to you, click on the picture or category and this will take you to different models within that category. After doing so, you will be able to click on the different models to see which surfboard fits your style of surfing. If you have any questions, please contact Sauritch Surfboards and your questions will be answered promptly. Try to pick out the correct surfboard for you and not a model that one of your friends thinks you should be riding. Your friends often try to get a surfboard that might be too advanced or too small for your level of surfing. You can always contact Sauritch Surfboards, with any questions that might help you select the perfect surfboard for your ability and style of surfing.


Choosing the right surfboard...