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Here, at Sauritch Surfboards of San Diego, California, our goal is to build the highest quality surfboards for all surfers, living anywhere on the planet. This comes from years of experience, working with professional and amateur surfers and completing over 43,000 surfboards. We assure you that you will receive a world class, professionally shaped surfboard and that Sauritch will provide you with everything you desire, in making the right surfboard for your level of skill or expertise.

Contact us today and discuss your custom surfboard with your shaper, Greg Sauritch. If you like, you can go to our order page and fill out your information and email us what you would like to order. You will be able to figure out exactly what style of surfboard you would like to have shaped and what type of waves you will be riding. Greg is an established San Diego surfboard shaper who has been shaping for many years and will ask you things, such as your weight, height and level of surfing skill. These items are all very important in the shaping process.

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