The Microwave is a remake of a popular shape ridden in the 1980's. The wider outline of this surfboard helps you to paddle very well, which adds up to more waves in your session. With the higher volume of bodies in the water, it has become a challenge to get a large wave count, no matter where you are surfing. That is why the Microwave has been added to the Sauritch Surfboards play list. This model has a very curvy outline, which makes for plenty of maneuverability and speed. The single wing round tail holds well in the pocket and makes for very smooth cutbacks. The bottom comes with a slight single to double concave, turning into "V" in the las 12" of the tail. This "V" lets you go from one rail edge to the other, by merely shifting the weight of your feet. The single concave keeps the water flowing from the nose and down to toward the tail, where it is redirected through the double concaves and off the tail. These double concaves give the surfboard plenty of stability and extra bite on the turns. Try this out as a 5 fin and feel the difference between a tri fin and a quad.
Common Dimensions