Here, at Sauritch Surfboards in San Diego, California, our goal is to build the highest quality surfboards for any surfer, living anywhere on the planet. This comes from years of experience, working with professional and amateur surfers and completing over 40,000 surfboards. We assure you that you will be receiving a world class, professionally shaped surfboard and that Sauritch Surfboards will cater to your every need, as well as make the right surfboard for your level of skill. Whether you are looking for high performance or you are just out for some recreational surfing, we will do our best to find the perfect surfboard for you. If any of our models does not fit your needs, talk with us and we will make a surfboard that is completely customized, according to your own, personal specifications.

After you have selected the right surfboard, we will begin the shaping process in our factory located in Oceanside, California. When the surfboard has been completed, you can pick it up from Sauritch Surfboards or have it shipped to your location.

Surfboards are constantly changing, such as the ability to have a surfboard with 5 fin boxes, giving you the choice between riding the board as a tri fin, a quad or even a twin fin with a small trailing back fin. Kelly Slater is working with different fin combos all the time.

The Mini Simmons has become a very popular alternative to the standard twin fin and is being created by shapers all over the world.
At Sauritch Surfboards, we have been getting more and more requests for the Mini Simmons. As with any other model, Sauritch will custom shape your Mini Simmons to exact specifications. Feel free to
contact us or call anytime at: 760-505-5024.
Contact us today and discuss your custom surfboard with your shaper, Greg Sauritch. You will be able to let the shaper know exactly what style of surfboard you would like to have shaped and what type of waves you will be riding. Greg has ben shaping for many years and is an established San Diego surfboard shaper. He will ask things such as your height, weight and level of surfing skill. This is very important in the shaping process.

You can also discuss surfboard dynamics and basic fundamentals, such as tail shapes, bottom contours, fin combinations and other aspects that will help you and the shaper decide the ideal surfboard set-up for you. You will also be able to discuss what type of graphics you would like, as well as the type of construction you would like, whether it be polyurethane or epoxy foam. Epoxy foam comes in
XTR or EPS foam types.

All of this information is necessary in building a custom surfboard for an individual and gives the shaper some guidelines to use during the shaping process.

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